In today’s fast changing world, professionals who want to thrive in their careers really need to get good, extremely good, at one thing.

Learning how to handle CHANGE effectively!

Successful organizations continually make adjustments to keep up with the demands of business.

You must too!

How you navigate CHANGE with a new boss, your company’s reorganization, or a job promotion can make or break your career.

I recently attended a masterclass with David Peterson, Google’s Director of Leadership and Coaching and David Goldsmith, Co-founder of International Coaching Federation.   These seasoned consultants shared insights into the challenges that professionals face given the fact that the pace of CHANGE is accelerating within organizations.

One of the biggest hurdles facing leaders today is managing unpredictable and quick-changing problems in the workplace.

Dealing with problems associated with CHANGE affects everyone within an organization not just those in leadership roles.  People at all levels need support during times of CHANGE.

David and David’s approach for helping professionals overcome challenges with CHANGE focuses on LEARNING.

David Goldstein asked “are we learning faster than the pace of change?”

Learning new information, new skills, and new ways of doing things.

LEARNING is essential for adapting to CHANGE.

And LEARNING is important if you want to stay relevant in the workplace.

Fred*, a client I coached, worked for 15 years at a company in a software department.  He was a dedicated employee who planned to stay with the organization until retirement.

Over the years, whenever his company launched a new initiative or made changes in processes, Fred made the necessary adjustments to do what was expected of him to get the job done.  However, he did not take the initiative for his own professional development.  Nor did he actively develop new skills outside of the projects he was involved in.  This was a mistake.

When his company went through a large re-organization, he was laid off and had difficulty getting hired for a new job.

As he searched for work, he discovered his skills were outdated in an industry that had significantly changed in the last decade and he was left behind.

Unfortunately, Fred discovered the hard way that CHANGE can be disruptive to one’s career and investing in professional development is necessary for success and advancement.

Are you making LEARNING a priority in your career?

LEARNING is the key to unlock doors of opportunity and give you a competitive edge professionally.

How are you spending your free time?

What are you reading or listening to while driving or exercising?

With technology you have access to many affordable online options that makes LEARNING easier and faster than ever before.

Here are a few handy resources:

Summarizes top business and personal development books for entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals in 10-15 page easy-to-read formats.  Learning can be customized as readers have the choice of audio, text and graphic book summaries based on personal preferences.

On demand, bite-size learning is gaining popularity and for good reason.  It is cost effective, convenient, and accessible 24/7 via a computer connection or mobile device.

LinkedIn Learning

A popular online learning platform with video tutorials and courses.

An online learning and teaching marketplace with over 100,000 available courses.

Offers courses, credentials and degrees from leading universities and companies.

Stay on top of your professional GAME.

Develop skills to better navigate CHANGE.

Your secret weapon – LEARNING!


*Client’s name was changed for confidentiality.


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