Frequently Asked Questions

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What is coaching?
The International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading global organization dedicated to setting high professional standards for coaching professionals, defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
What is the difference between therapy and coaching?
Psychotherapy is used for emotional healing, symptom-relief, and treatment for mental health problems.  Coaching is used for individuals wanting to improve their performance, develop skills, set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and achieve positive results in their personal life, career, and relationships.  Coaching is not the same as psychotherapy.
Will you provide therapy and coaching during our sessions?
No.  While I might use tools from time-to-time that are also helpful in counseling, our work together will be exclusively coaching in nature.  If you request therapy, I will gladly give referrals of colleagues who can work with you in a therapeutic manner.
What is positive psychology?
There’s a new and emerging field called Positive Psychology shedding light on how to live a good life.  Scientific research shows us how to be happier, feel more satisfied, be more engaged with life and find more meaning.
What is the coaching format and fees?

Coaching is conducted by telephone or Zoom from the convenience of your home or office.  In-person sessions are available by request.

Sessions are 45 – 50 minutes in length.  Coaching rates vary depending upon the package you choose. Please contact me to discuss your options.  All packages include private or group coaching, assessments, exercises, and resources.  All clients have unlimited e-mail and text support in between sessions.

What is confidentiality?
Confidentiality means your name, situation, goals, plans and personal information are private and will not be discussed by your coach with anyone else unless you give written permission or unless mandated by law.  Most clients are excited to tell others they have a coach, but that information would never come from me.