Words From Happy Clients

I liked that this type of coaching looked at my life holistically — both my personal and my professional life.  I’ve done previous coaching that only looked at the professional side.  Jolie asked some really hard questions that made me do some deep soul-searching about both areas of my life…Jolie’s greatest strengths have been her empathy, her ability to listen and truly understand what I’m going through, and her direct communication style…Coaching has been great for me. It really helped me get “unstuck” and move forward with things in my life.

Stacey (Greater Seattle Area, WA)

Technical Content Manager

 Truth be told, it was perhaps the best decision I ever could have made!  Coming to Jolie…I had reached an impasse that left me confused and stuck in my tracks. I had seemingly done all the introspective work I could do. And from the first call with Jolie, I knew that somehow through coaching, I would find my answers. She is an extremely experienced professional that listens intently to synthesize the thoughts you bring to the table. She communicates effectively to bridge the gap and build comparative connections some of which you may not have even known about yourself…I highly recommend Jolie to anyone who needs a little extra boost when you just can’t seem to find the answers, Jolie will work tirelessly alongside you to help you overcome.

Matt (San Diego, CA)

Health and Safety Director

I really appreciated that Jolie validated me as a complete human being and as a successful professional whose career needs were both changing and emergent. Jolie helped unveil what was emergent and I can attest that she was fully present, insightful, genuine, approachable, light-hearted, well-informed and non-judgmental. She was an ally who challenged me to look within, find clarity, ask myself difficult questions, identify options for “what’s next?” and was completely supportive as she guided me through the process. I would highly recommend Jolie to anyone who seeks to work hard and shape a bright future for themselves–Jolie has proven to me that she’s a supportive witness and strong coach to one’s personal development and metamorphosis.

Françoise Sweeney (Greater Seattle Area, WA)


Jolie has been a great support and addressed all areas of life with me, including relationship, work and personal issues.  With her guidance, I feel like I have been able to make progress in all of these areas.  Jolie is kind and warm, easily approachable and not judgmental.  Because of these qualities, I found her exceptionally easy to work with….I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a life coach.

Chrissy (London, United Kingdom)

Financial Analyst

Jolie has empathy, enthusiasm and a special ability to organize and bring clarity to my scattered thoughts…I truly am grateful for her coaching!  Today I am in a better place because of Jolie and will take what I have learned from her throughout life.  I have great success with a new career and a healthy, happy and growing personal life.

Jenny (Bellevue, WA)

Executive Assistant

I contacted Jolie at a crossroads in my career. I was taking a few months break from work after being with a leading tech company for ten years. I was feeling burnt out and not sure what direction I wanted to take in my career. I was considering a number of different options, including moving out of state. Jolie helped me to think deeply about what mattered most in my career and family life. Through the process she laid out, I was able to take a step back and evaluate my key motivators and set long term goals. In the end, I became more clear on the type of role that matched these goals. This helped me validate a career pivot that aligned with my goals.

Michael (Irvine, CA)

Senior Program Manager

Jolie has a very special talent of being able to connect deeply to people and listen to what they aren’t saying….(she) is a caring and supportive model of all that embodies a coach.  She truly understands what it takes to become successful in the boardroom and in the home!

Michael Hahn (Chicago, Illinois)

Business Consultant and Executive Coach

I worked with Jolie Steers for almost 2 years during a much desired career change. She was helpful, motivating, knowledgeable and most of all productive. I have a new career and a better idea of how to successfully make changes in my life. I would happily recommend Jolie to anyone who needs direction, support and accountability.

Meggan (Jacksonville, Florida)

Fitness Consultant & Personal Trainer

Jolie’s coaching was very helpful! I identified what was important now: working part-time and staying at home with my daughter. My creativity came out and I began making children’s hats and purses that people wanted to buy!  Coaching kept me accountable to someone and on track with my goals.

Betsy (Bellevue, WA)

Small Business Owner

Over the past year and a half I’ve been blessed with having Jolie as my coach.  She helped me to achieve a goal that I had held for many years – to change careers.  I’d worked in what I thought was a ‘safe’ field for 20+ years and although I was never happy with my career, I was by other people’s standards very successful in it.  Through my work with Jolie I was able to identify and resolve my fears, hesitations and self-imposed roadblocks and am now ‘living my dream’ in my new career.  And despite my initial hesitations and warnings from others, I have found success in what I love doing!  I would without hesitation recommend Jolie…without Jolie’s expertise, wisdom and patience I would not have accomplished all that I have been able to accomplish.

Valerie (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Small Business Owner

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